Welcome to Tanzania - the land of magnificent wildlife, idyllic palm-fringed islands, palaces Sultan, the highest mountain, the most famous National Park, among others ..

Tanzania - The great animal migration

No wildlife event on the planet rivals Africa’s Great Migration for sheer drama. Twice each year the huge herds make a great circuit across the Serengeti Plains, following the grass that sprouts with the seasonal rains. To witness the migration is on many a wildlife lover’s bucket list...


Kilimanjaro - Machame Route 7 days + 3 days safari

The Machame Route is a popular and successful route that leads to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Climbers sleep in tents, which are transported to the mountain of carriers. The Machame Route is a very nice route that can be completed in 6 days, however, we recommend the tour in 7 days, allowing more time for acclimatization....


The secrets of Tanzania

The Crater is one of Africa's most important wildlife areas and a bold experiment in multiple land use. At its core is the world famous Ngorongoro Crater - a giant caldera in which the dramas of life on the African plains are played out each day by a diverse assemblage of large mammals - wildebeest, zebra, lion and rhino - in a primeval ‘garden of Eden‘.


  • River Malala eco tour (half day)

    Take a nature walk along the river bank to enjoy scenery, birds, flowers and trees. Shimbumbu Hill nature expedition (half day) Walk through banana and coffee plantations and after crossing the river Malala, ascend to the top of Shimbumbu Hill and to the Msese caves...

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  • Hike and Boat Trip on Lake Duluti

    Walk to Lake Duluti, a caldera lake, and learn about the historical background and mysteries associated with it. A boat ride can be organized or enjoy watching the flora that abounds in the area...

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  • The Hot Springs of Maji Chemka

    Hidden by a beautiful green forest lie natural hot springs, ideal for taking a relaxing dip or simply to use as a backdrop for a tranquil picnic or bbq. You will be accompanied by a driver and guide and can spend as little or as long as you like...

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